Sunday, 20 January 2013

Hello Bloggershpere.

  My name is Danielle, I am sixteen years old, live in Surrey and most importantly am a huge film-geek. I have no idea when I started, but after watching films like ‘The Godfather’ one and two (defiantly not three), Submarine and strangely ‘Ferris Bueller's Day Off’ I have loved watching/reviewing/recommending films. I simply find everything about them interesting- from the directing style to the cinematography, and especially the acting. So I thought why not share this on the Internet? And if I were lucky enough to have any readers, hopefully they would enjoy my opinions of all kinds of films: past, present, Hollywood or foreign, independent or blockbuster. And maybe they might just check out one or two.

After jealously watching the likes of Carrie Bradshaw and laughing endlessly at YouTube ‘vloggers’, it wasn't long before I decided that blogging is in. Not that I am one to follow crowds, but it comes to a point when diaries just don't cut the mustard, and being able to share my passion of films with other people sounded pretty cool.
And so it begins…



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