Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Pulp Fiction.

Hello Bloggershpere.

Where to even begin with this film. I decided to watch this, because I was tiered of having not seen it. Pulp Fiction is a modern classic, and like 'The Godfather' in the way media will reference snippets from it, and if you haven't seen, you just can't understand the hundreds of jokes and witty comments regarding this film.
So i watched it, however at nine o'clock in the morning probably wasn't the best idea- immediately blood and violence erupts (which is expected from a Quentin Tarantino film) which is actually quite frightening. It's just so unexpected so early on, and you begin to understand the criminal characters personally before all the violence, and they seem like good, normal people. The brutality shown goes hand-in-hand with the light comedy masterfully given by Bruce Willis, Tim Roth, Chirstopher Walken, Samuel L Jackson and John Travolta. Jackson and Travolta are especially amazing as the funny yet deadly hit men, Jackson in particular is electrifying. You can be laughing at his witty delivery then biting your nails in fear of his murderous killings, all in the same scene.
But what is the film actually about? To be honest you may not even find out by the end of the film, or realise where the story's going until half way through. This is quite a cool technique Tarantino used in his directing. You watch four seemingly separated stories including hilarious hit men, and couples involved in armed robberies, which you then learn are all connected. Quintin Tarantino also stars briefly so look our for his quite random appearance and awful acting.
Do not watch Pulp Fiction if you faint at the sight of blood, or if your are offended by some pretty obscene story lines. Also don't watch it if you don't like stand out performances (bar Tarantino), brilliant directing (by Tarantino ) and an all-star cast. However if you dislike Uma Thermon as much I do, you should definitely watch this film, as ~Spoiler Alert~ she gets stabbed pretty early on.
My rating: ★ ★ ★
(bare in mind this was made in the 90's)