Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Blue Valentine.

Hello Bloggershpere.

I'm not quite sure why I chose to watch this film. It's not a comedy, action movie, horror or anything that looks interesting on the surface, but my God was the acting good.

Yes Ryan Gosling stars in this film, but if you're hoping to see him as the hot womaniser like in 'Crazy stupid love' or the romantic boyfriend that mesmerised girls everywhere in 'The Notebook' this isn’t the film for you, (although he does play the Ukulele) he's serious but funny, and quite deep.

Michelle Williams plays opposite Ryan Gosling, and the film focuses on their present day relationship which is quickly falling apart, whilst contrasting this ruin with the romantic and loving relationship the two once had as teenagers. Now I know what you're thinking: can a film sound more boring? And I agree to some extent-I still don’t quite know what the films about if I’m honest, or why it ends the way it does. However how it was filmed is the interesting part. Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams actually lived together whilst filming in order to capture a real family atmosphere and most of the script is improvised, as well as part of the story.

It is definitely not the most exciting film I’ve seen, but if you're into drama that's stripped back of all the gimmicks and CGI, Blue Valentine could not be a better watch. Not so great a story, but excellent, honest acting.

My rating ***